The Nduja One

The Nduja One

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Vegan and gluten free Nduja Pizza.

Turn up the heat. Made using our groundbreaking vegan nduja – one of the latest Purezza innovations.

Nduja is a Calabrian spicy and aromatic sausage, loved by people in Southern Italy. We give it a plant-based makeover here, capturing its renowned and signature flavours whilst ensuring it's good for animals, the planet, and you.

We pair the nduja with olives, San Marzano tomato sauce, and The Melty One mozzarella alternative to perfect this one.

Sent in fully recyclable and sustainable packaging.

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Gluten free pizza base (Corn flour, Potato flour, Water, Sunflower oil, Yeast, Salt, Psyllium seeds fiber, Legume flour (pea), Sugar, Vegetable fibers (potato, peas, rice, flax), Millet flour, Inulin, Linseed flour, Rice flour, Sodium bicarbonate, Guar seeds flour, Sodium pyrophosphate), Tomato sauce (30%) (tomato, tomato juice), Purezza Nduja (10%) (Sun dried tomatoes, sunflower oil, tomatoes, chilli powder, sweet paprika, smoked paprika), Rice milk based food preparation (Organic rice milk (40%), starch, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, water, locust bean, agar agar, salt, sodium citrate, dextrose, olive oil extract, natural flavours, lactic acid (plant-based), aquafaba, vitamin B12), Kalamata olives (3.8%).

Allergy advice

Dairy free, lactose free, soya free, gluten free, nut free.

Nutritional info (per 100g)


per 100g

per half pizza

 Energy (kJ)



Energy (kcal) 180kcal 356kcal
Fat 5.7g 11.3g

Saturated Fat

2.6g 5.1g
Carbohydrates 28.6g 57.3g
of which sugars 4.5g 9g
Protein 1.9g 3.7g
Salt 1.8g 3.5g


Storage instructions

Keep refrigerated. Once opened, use immediately. Use by on the front of all packs.


All packaging is fully recyclable.

Cooking instructions

Oven cook gas 7, 220C, fan 200C. Cook for 10-12 minutes.
Preheat the oven. Remove all packaging including base disc. Place pizza directly onto the top oven shelf. Check that the food is piping hot before serving. Do not reheat once cooled.

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