Purezza at Home

Get a slice of the action at home. Prize-winning, planet-saving foods for your kitchen.

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We know it's great on pizza,but it's also amazing for...

Tagliatelle your friends

Bring your favourite Italian dishes to life with the most authentic plant-based mozzarella.

You do win friends with salad

Creamy, soft, and moreish. Your salad just got an upgrade. Particularly perfect for caprese.

Bread's best friend

Paninis, grilled cheeses, toasties. Discover a new world of comfort food bliss.


Margherita Pizza

A Purezza Margherita pizza. Handcrafted by our expert chefs and part-cooked in our wood-fired oven. It just needs a few minutes in your oven and boom – you've got the full Purezza experience at home.

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Purezza Recipe Book

Dough it from scratch. Learn how to make the world's best vegan pizzas at home, including dough, cheese and more. All of your favourites are here, from the classic Margherita to the award-winning Parmigiana Party.


Make a friend's day

Grab a gift card and make someone's day. These can be redeemed in any of our restaurants.